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What happens to your donations?

Your donations support our recurring activities (missions) and our one-off activities (projects).

They allow the purchase of consumable or perennial material which will be exclusively used on mission sites.

You will receive a CERFA allowing the tax exemption of your donation within 48 hours

Benefit from a tax reduction

Our association law 1901, gives the right to a tax reduction on your donation.

You are individual

Art. 200 of the General Tax Code:

For an individual taxpayer, any donation gives the right to a tax reduction at the rate of 66% within the limit of 20% of taxable income.

When donations and payments made during a year exceed the 20% limit, the excess is carried over successively to the following years up to and including the 5th year and gives rise to the right to a tax reduction under the same conditions. Donations give rise to the issuance of a tax receipt which you must attach to your tax return to benefit from the reduction.

For example :

  • A donation of € 50 represents an actual expenditure of € 17.

  • A donation of € 100 represents an actual expenditure of € 34.

For individuals who pay wealth tax (ISF), they can deduct up to 75% of the amount of their donation from their ISF.

This reduction is limited to € 50,000 per year.

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