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We went to the congress of the European Society of International Ophthalmology in Geneva from November 23 to 25. Representatives from WHO, the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) and many NGOs who were able to present their actions were present. The main messages were:


  • To extend the success of the WHO "Vision 2020" plan to reduce the prevalence of avoidable visual impairment, WHO has presented the future goals of the "Vision 2030" plan to us.


  • SICS is the gold standard technique for cataract surgery in developing countries. This low cost technique is simple and presents less risk than phacoemulsification for dense cataracts. 


  • Professor Renikoff of WHO, ICO and head of the Organization for the Prevention of Blindness explained the epidemiological data in ophthalmology and the future of needs. 


  • Professor Verma explained to us the action carried out for several decades in Timor, starting from sporadic cataract surgery missions and progressing step by step towards the establishment of a university course in ophthalmology and autonomy in human and material resources, towards care accessible to all including the most deprived and and towards the significant drop in the prevalence of blindness in Timor.


  • Many NGOs were able to present their action, the methods of their development and their funding.

European Society for International Ophthalmology  November 21 to 23, 2019

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