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In November 2018, we met the Minister of Health of the Comoros to discuss the possibility of action by Terres d'Ophtalmo  as part of the national plan to combat blindness. 

The first mission of TO was able to be carried out in  partnership with Dr Chanfi and the entire team of the ophthalmology service, at the end of September 2019.

At the end of a week of partnership with the Comorian health services within the framework of the national plan to fight against blindness:
-> participation in the 12th ophthalmological day of the Comoros “eye and diabetes” 
-> surgical action (Moroni)
-> consultations (Moroni) 
-> meeting with the health authorities of Fomboni (island of Moheli) 
-> contact with the French school for screening and treatment of cases requiring

We hope to be able to perpetuate this partnership, in 2020.  A big thank you to all the actors in the Comoros and in France who made this first care mission possible, and to you whom we hope to see joining us.

In the meantime, here are some photos of our actions on site.

Mission to the Comoros from September 20 to 29, 2019

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