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Terres d'Ophtalmo and Moroccan Solidarity Association have set up a partnership to offer medical and surgical ophthalmological care to populations in  situations  of medical isolation in Morocco. The first mission took place from September 29 to October 3, 2018 in Stehat on the  Mediterranean coast.  

Doctors CHEGGOUR, LEROY, MASCALI and RAMBAUD, volunteer ophthalmologists from Terres d'Ophtalmo , joined the AMMS team led by doctor SAHLI Youssef, ophthalmologist at the Red Cross in Rabat.

Mission planning:

The 4 French ophthalmologists were taken care of as soon as they left the plane in Rabat to go to Stehat, a journey of about 4 hours in the Moroccan rif.

From Sunday morning, the interventions began and were linked together in the mobile surgery unit. In turn the Moroccan surgeons and  French operated. The following days began with the D1 post-operative checks and then the interventions. The work day ended between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.

The objectives set by Terres d'Ophtalmo were fulfilled during this surgical campaign:

  1. quality care in partnership with AMMS teams

  2. an efficient mission: 133 interventions in 3 and a half days

  3. training of the various stakeholders in SICS (extracapsular surgery without suturing)

Finally, the team was invited to participate in the 8th vision congress in Ifrane.

Two presentations were made, one on SICS, the other on new developments in the management of Irvine Gass syndrome

Stehat 2018

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